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Make Appointment for HCE Device Pick-up
Photo of laptopsWhat:  HCE Student Device Pick-up
Who:  All HCE students (Grades PreK-5)
Click here to make an appointment
or go to

What to do when you arrive:

1)  Sanitize and Check-in.  Enter the front of the school. In the foyer, clean your hands and check in for your pre-scheduled appointment. Masks must be worn at all times. You will be provided a QR code for the student or students and forms to take to your assigned table.  ONLY HCE STUDENTS AND ONE PARENT MAY ENTER FOR DEVICE PICK-UP.

2)  Device Pick-up.  At your assigned table in the cafeteria, parents will complete the needed forms. Students will receive their device, turn on their device to ensure it is working properly, and log in with their own username.

3)  Pick-up supplies.  Head down the Grade 2 hallway, sanitize and pick up a bag of school supplies for this school year. Also pick up your student's bag from the spring pick-up if you haven't already gotten the items from last school year. 

4)  You're all set.  Walk down the Grade 3 hallway towards the front of the parking lot. Sanitize one last time and complete your pick up. Have a great virtual semester!