Principal's Message

Mrs. Susan Norton

Susan Norton, Principal

Dear Honey Creek Staff, Students, Families and Community.

What an honor it is to serve Honey Creek as Principal. As some of you may know, I attended Honey Creek as a student in 1st thru 5th grade. Of course, that was back before we had Kindergarten in the public schools or I would have been here as a Kindergartener, too. That I can now give back to the community that built my early learning foundation is something I would have never dreamed would happen. It is a blessing that has been given to me.

This year at Honey Creek our theme is “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” While most of us immediately think of the great boxer Mohamad Ali when we hear this saying, let me take a moment to explain what it means to us this year.

Are you familiar with “The Butterfly Effect”? It is a theory that proposes that the flutter of a butterfly’s wings is powerful enough to start a tornado half way around the world. Who could have ever thought that a creature of such grace and beauty could be so powerful? Also, with this theory comes the notion that everything a person does has an impact on those around them. This year at Honey Creek we are embracing this notion as we focus on our school climate and culture: how we treat each other and the relationships we build. We want every member of the HCE community to feel safe, welcomed, and a part of this great school.

Of course, our reason for school is education, so this year we will be pushing our students and staff to “thrive in the hive” by setting goals, monitoring their progress towards meeting those goals, and then pushing themselves on to exceed those goals. We are going to “sting like a bee” as we reach academic growth and achievement at high levels, leaving a lasting impression on all who see our work.

I invite you to join us in these efforts. If you have any time to give, please let us know. Our students and staff come to school each day with all different needs that we know our community can fulfill.

I look forward to the 2018-19 school year being a year of excellence. In RCPS we are in the pursuit of “World Class” and that work begins here with our students, staff, families and community.


Susan Norton