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Mrs. Kimelia Parks

HCE liaison, Gifted Support Team leader

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The Fall gifted referral window is now open. All referrals are due by Thursday, October 1st. Please let your child's homeroom teacher know if you would like to refer your child, and they will send home a parent referral packet. Please look carefully over the gifted characteristics checklist and mark those characteristics that you see in your child. The Gifted Support Team looks carefully at these forms, as well as the evidence turned in by parents or teachers, to determine if a child should move forward in the testing process. Insufficient evidence could result in a decision by the Gifted Support Team to not move a student forward to testing. Please note that students who have been tested since the Spring 2018 will not be eligible for testing. Test scores are valid for 2 years.

On this page you will find resources related to the gifted program in Rockdale County. Below you will find links to information about referring students for the program, eligibility requirements, parent and teacher referral forms, and other documents that might be helpful. There are also links to forms that are required before a student begins attending Program Challenge. 

3rd-5th grade gifted students attend classes at the Program Challenge Center located at Flat Shoals Elementary once a week, where they take rigorous courses designed to address their strengths and interests. Students come to the center by bus from 8:00 to 1:30.

1st and 2nd grade students are being served at Honey Creek on Mondays. They receive two segments (1hr 30min) of gifted service with Mrs. Parks, then receive gifted instruction in their homeroom the rest of the week.

Gifted Resources for Parents and Teachers

1. Parent Referral for Gifted Screening Instructions (print) docxParent Referral for Gifted Screening Instructions for Kim.docx

2. Parent Request Letter for Gifted Screening (print and fill out) - docxParent request letter for gifted screening-kim.docx

3. List of Gifted Indicators (Common Traits) for Parents (can print and fill out)- Click Here

4. RCPS Teachers' Referral for Gifted Support Team - Click Here

5. Gifted Learners vs. High Achievers (helpful for deciding whether to refer a child)- Click Here

6. PC Information for Parents -docxinfo about PC for parents.docx
Program Challenge Information

(for students already in gifted services)

Important Information - Click Here
Important Information.docx
Program Challenge Supply List - Click Here
Program Challenge Supply List.docx
Program Challenge Student Locator Card - Click Here
Locator Card.docx
PC Student Locator Card Spanish.docx
Student Medical Form - Click Here

Gifted Overview - Click Here
1. Collaborative Contract for Upper Grades - Click Here
RCPS Gifted Collaboration Teacher Contract 2015.docx
3. Gifted Indicators - Click Here
Gifted Indicators.docx
4. Gifted Learners vs. High Achievers - Click Here