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Mrs. Trina Arrington
[email protected]
HCE Gifted Teacher

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On this page you will find resources related to the gifted program in Rockdale County. Below you will find links to information about referring students for the program, eligibility requirements, parent and teacher referral forms, and other documents that might be helpful. There are also links to forms that are required before a student begins attending Program Challenge. 

Gifted Resources for Parents and Teachers
1. Parent Referral for Gifted Screening Instructions
2. Parent Request Letter for Gifted Screening
3. List of Gifted Indicators (Common Traits) for Parents
4. RCPS Teachers' Referral for Gifted Support Team
5. Gifted Learners vs. High Achievers (helpful for deciding whether to refer a child)
6. PC information for parents

Program Challenge Information
(for students already in gifted services)

Important Information
Gifted Overview



1. Collaborative Contract for Upper Grades
2. HCE Referral directions for teachers-Parks
3. Gifted Indicators
4. Gifted Learners vs. High Achievers

Click on a Link Below for More Valuable Information
1. National Association for Gifted Children website
2. Georgia Association for Gifted Children website
3. "How Parents Can Support Their Gifted Children"
4. Hoagies Gifted Education website
5. Articles for teachers of gifted students